Mvc .Net Developer Karachi Pakistan

Mvc .net developer (Karachi)
Employer: Wallsoft
Location: Karachi

1. Proficiency in {{ C# | Visual Basic, depending on the specific project }}

2. Experience using .NET {{ 4.5+ | Core }}

3. Strong concepts of OOPs, Javascript, Jquery and Ajax

4. Able to Integrate Jquery Plugin and WEB API’s.

5. Experience in developing {{ ASP.NET MVC | ASP.NET Core MVC }} applications

6. Proficient knowledge in {{ MSSQL | MySQL }}

7. Implementing enterprise application patterns

8. Understanding of HTML, JS, and CSS

9. Familiarity with the client side framework {{ jQuery | other }}

Must have minimum 2 to 3 years of valid experience in MVC and must be doing the job in a well-known company

Job Type: Full-time

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