Program Manager (Islamabad)

Company : Fairfax

Job Description:

This position, based in Islamabad or Peshawar, is a rather unique one in that our Peshawar-based client is looking for an individual who is interested in participating in a very critical Basic Health Unit (BHU) project which will build local medical service capacity in village areas throughout the NWFP and tribal areas. We are looking for an individual who has at least three years of operations or management experience in the NGO, medical, or related infrastructure sector and who has lived or worked in the NWFP areas. This individual will be a critical resource for building medical service capacity and developing and maintaining relationships with the local population and coordinating local operations for our client. The successful candidate will be someone comfortable operating at the grass roots level out in the field AND also with their executive counterparts. Position Requirements: Must have lived, studied, or worked previously in the NWFP or tribal areas Must be A U.S. Citizen/Green Card holder A medical degree is NOT required, but some limited health care/medical experience is helpful; Be of Pukhtun cultural heritage. Must speak Pashto fluently Must have very good reading comprehension and written skills in English language Experience in medical services or health care field is a big plus Experience working with clinical technicians and other medical personnel is helpful Must be able to work independently with little or no supervision Must have a strong academic background and credentials General Duties: Communicate directly to overseas executive counterparts; Hire and train local workers to staff the BHUs; Lead the construction/build phase of the BHU project; Accept the relevant technology training; then mentor and teach others; Work together with designers and architects in the initial design/development phase of the BHU project to ensure it fits with local cultural needs and realities Supervise operations and overall project implementation Travel throughout the NWFP and tribal areas solving operational problems with local workers and ensuring that the project is on schedule; Develop and maintain relationships with the local decision-makers including the Maliks and government/political agent leaders. Be responsible for project implementation Benefits: Build and grow an organization; Utilize leadership skills – be a leader of men; Receive medical training from the best Build and develop a unique network of local and regional decision-makers that will last a lifetime Work with a multi-national firm recognized worldwide Make an important contribution to the people of the NWFP and give something back to the community – do something very important. Create a legacy – be the person responsible for bringing high quality medical services and related training to the remote villages. Compensation: – Base salary of between $30,000 – $55,000 for a junior level position -Base salary of between $55,000 – $75,000 for a senior level position – Expat benefits include: housing, transportation, education, vacation, etc

To Apply:

Contact Person: Muhammad Jawad


Phone: +92-322-9098920

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