How to Negotiate Salary in Pakistan

To be honest, the dearth of jobs in Pakistan compel the job seekers to just accept what looks slightly reasonable in the name of salary. The candidates know that they are lucky to be in job and employed and they just accept whatever comes their way.

Especially the rookies, beginners and fresh graduates tend to be very flexible. Yes internees can be exempted from this. They should even work for free, but job seekers with some experience should qualify them and quantify them and shouldn’t sell them cheap.

Contrary to the common belief, if you ask for lower salary, the employer thinks that you are just average. If you demand higher than normal salary, employer thinks that you have got some mettle, some thing special. Dont ask for moon, but ask good salary.

The art of salary negotiation is certainly a tricky one, whether you’re a novice jobseeker or a seasoned job changer, and knowing a few common-sense pointers will obviously help you get the offer that you really deserve. Firstly, don’t ever settle for a salary offer that is lower than you are worth, simply because you’ll earn less, receive smaller raises and be financially constrained. You leave that job anyway soon.

Secondly, try to remain non-committal when asked for an expected salary range: that way, you’ll have some room for negotiation when the right time comes. And finally, do some solid, intensive research on your real market value, so you’ll have a better understanding of what you’re really worth to prospective employers.