How to get Job in Dubai from Pakistan

Many boys and girls from Pakistan want to go and work in Dubai. Given the ample job opportunities in Dubai, lucrative salaries, developed infrastructure, similar culture, close proximity to Pakistan, it’s the favorite and ideal destination for job seekers from Pakistan.

People often wonder as how to get job in Dubai from Pakistan. There is not much guidance and information available in this regard for the professionals and other people who want to work in Dubai but first want to get job offers.

Following are some of the ways to find in Dubai from Pakistan:

  • Find some relative, friend, acquaintance in Dubai and tell them that you want to work in Dubai and if they could help in landing you a job. You can start by spreading word among your family and friends and ask them to spread it further. Hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis work in Dubai and other states of UAE, so there is every chance that you know somebody who is already there and could help you.
  • Try to get a reference from your acquaintance to any company, HR manager or the manager where vacancies are. The good thing about UAE and especially Dubai is that there always jobs present in every field. People move a lot and work is always there. Thriving economy of Dubai and ambitions of is rulers never let the job market go down. Even in recession, there are plenty of jobs in Dubai.
  • Web joints like JobsNama are best source to find a job. What you can do here is that you can narrow down job listings and then companies where those jobs are and then you can check among your references if they know somebody there. That is the best way to find jobs in Dubai while you are in India or Pakistan or Bangladesh or any other country like Philippines, Sri Lanka etc.
  • Agents are not good idea really. May be some government-sponsored ones are genuine, but you must research a lot and crosscheck them. Make sure that its not some money-minting scam or fraud. Make sure that you know what you are doing.

Some people wonder whether its better to find job in Dubai while remaining in Pakistan or you should go to Dubai and then search it from there. Well, its always better to be closer to the jobs and employers like it too.