Groom Your Transferable Skills for Job Search in Pakistan

Job seeking in anywhere in the world including Pakistan is becoming increasing difficult and competitive. The important role, the way we approach the job seeking, is adopting in our quest demands that we remain abreast of the demands of industry.

The industry out there not only want your technical or related-to-field know-how, they also demand that you keep your transferable skills fresh and sharp. Job in Pakistan are like anywhere in the world and they demand the candidate to be as smart as he or she could be.

But what are transferable skills, actually? Simply put, transferable skills are skills that you have acquired doing any one of a host of otherwise commonplace activities in your life, including projects, classes, sports and hobbies, that can be applicable to what you will do in your next job.

You should earmark a special section in your resume about transferable skills. And dont forget to mention them in your interview.