Dubai Jobs 2016 for Freshers Indians Pakistanis and Others

Remember one thing that there is no silver bullet which is going to land freshers onto their first jobs in a jiffy. There is no magic wand here at work and there are no shortcuts. Perseverance and eye for detail are the cornerstone of this adventure.

Yes, finding a job as fresher in Dubai on visit visa or from your home country of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Afghanistan etc is not going to be a smooth sailing. It’s adventure at its best with all the risks involved.

Normally startups hire the freshers but the problem with Dubai job market is that it doesn’t have many startups. Almost all the employers out there are established companies who want to hire experienced folks so that they hit the ground running.

So what to do in this case? Well first try to land a interview. How can you do that as fresher? Ok, make your CV and cover letter according to the job advertised. Spend some time on it. It’s painstaking and detail-oriented and you have to spend time there and make an effort.

After that research about the company and during interview make sure that you tell them about their company as much possible and display your enthusiasm working for them as you are passionate about their product or services.

That is key. You see there is no shortcut or magic wand but good old rules.