Before Sending CV, Do This……It’s a Must

Applying for job in Pakistan is taken lightly, I have seen many a times. Though the candidates need the job badly, they hardly do any work in the preparation for the job. They always apply in the same fashion for every job, i.e. they do it blindly.

It is very important and imperative that you must research about your job and the company you are applying. Don’t just make one CV and cover letter and then send it to everyone. Tailor your CV and cover letter and the interview for the company where you are applying. But how would you tailor it? You cannot do it until and unless you know the company where you are applying.

It really is worth your while to do some investigation into the industry you intend to work for. From the research, you should be able to determine which companies are the prominent ones, which ones are hiring, and what kinds of job openings are available. Start by talking to people who work in the industry, and ascertain if your particular set of skills will really be appreciated. It will also be helpful to find out the company history, financial circumstances, and some bits about the company culture, and how well you can fit in. With all this information, you will be a well-prepared candidate should an interview opportunity arise.